Monday, 15 October 2012

Why do you need to see me cry?

You know, sometimes I really don't get it.

Apparently, I need to show my emotions more so that people know what I am really feeling.  WHY?  I don't understand why you need to see me cry or get really wound up so that you have "proof" that I do have emotions.  Can you not simply accept that what I say is exactly what I mean?

And you know what also gets me?  I'm sitting here watching a cooking show and it really grinds my gears when the presenter keeps going on about being "good" or "bad" with his food.  Food is neither good nor bad and demonising it does nothing to help anyone.

Also, why does my cat feel the need to knead me all the time.  I really am not an unbaked loaf of bread. 


Yep, it's rant time again.

At least there was enough fine weather this past weekend that I could mow the lawn.  And a long weekend this coming weekend is awesome!

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