Friday, 7 December 2012

Weed. Weed is bad, mmmkayyy?

Well, Summer is here (you can tell from the rain and humidity) and that means spending more time outside.  The lawns are done today and the laundry is flapping in the breeze on the recently restrung washing line (thanks to my landlord).  I have a large rosemary bush planted at the base of the line, which is great when I hang out my sheets to try on a breezy day, because when I put them on the bed again, they smell like rosemary where they have brushed against the plant during their time on the line.  Nice.

But.  The garden.  It's tiny.  There's not a lot to it.  At the moment it is the home to a lot of grass and weeds.  I know that weeds are theoretically just plants growing in the wrong place.  But to paraphrase Mr Garrison,  weeds are bad, mmkkaayyy?

I think after I have finished decorating the Christmas tree and vacuuming the house, I may have to make a start on the weeding.  I am not a natural gardener.  Sigh.

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