Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Being a Lady of Leisure (or what it's like job-hunting in 2013/14)

So, after six and half years in the job, I packed it all in at the beginning of August.  Given my skills, I thought that I was going to have a bit of a break and then get a new job relatively easily.

Ha.  Hahahahahahaha

I've averaged an application a fortnight and get an interview for about 50 percent of the jobs I apply for.  I've been down to the last two applicants for at least 5 of the jobs I've interviewed for.  But not the last one.

It is really hard to keep motivated.  My garden is still a disaster zone (I do not have green fingers except for weeds) and my house still needs organising.  But the list of jobs that I was going to do "someday" is being worked through.

The service club I belong to up here are getting good use of me - the more I get done now for them, the less I have to do later. 

So what else can I do? 

Signing on for unemployment was significantly easier than I expected, but then, I did make sure I had all the paperwork they required when they needed it and had everything together for them.  The staff have been so helpful.

But the dole, which is now called the jobseekers allowance, is not a huge amount.  I need a J O B.

As it sits, I have three jobs that I am waiting on either a second interview or a final decision - nothing of which is likely to happen before the beginning of February.    Certainly, it is taking a lot longer than I expected. 

I still back myself though - I am happier and healthier than I have been in a long time and whatever happens is meant to happen.  I'd just like to have a job sooner, rather than later.  And I'm sure the bank manager would appreciate it too.

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