Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sigh. Nope. No Summer After All.

Since 1 December (the first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere), it has rained at least once in every 24 hours.  Horrible, horrible, horrible. So it was definitely the kind of weather that encouraged a Sunday roast on the weekend.  A really yummy leg of lamb that I had bought from Farro Fresh in Auckland was destined for the oven and the sacrifice was worth it.  The leftovers this week have made it even more worthwhile.

I roasted it on a bed of rosemary from the garden - the only real downside to it was that I had to pick sprigs of rosemary out of everything, because they aren't exactly easy to chew.  The smell however, was totally divine and the taste even better.  I think next time I would either wrap the rosemary in muslin or finely chop it, so I don't have to worry about twigs!!!

A simple dessert to finish is chopped strawberries with a couple of spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk.  Yum!

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