Monday, 23 January 2012

The joy of a sunny summer day

Never underestimate the power of a sunny day off in summer, particularly when it comes as a day off's amazing how much you can achieve when you have the motivation of enjoying the day once the small jobs that you've put off get done.

That being said, it is a pain in the proverbial when you can't get the lawnmower to start! 

I have to admit, it is fun walking through town with the cat wailing in his box all the way just after 9am(the vet is within walking distance of home)...getting him into the cage while he does the ninja starfish is entertaining too (you know - all limbs extended and rigid with claws at full scratch), but once he's in the cage, all he does is wail.  Poor baby.  The vet gave him a mostly clean bill of health and topped up his vaccine, which is great - just need to keep an eye on his teeth now.

Getting a hair cut and using vouchers I got for my birthday back in October was fun too - and getting the lawnmower to FINALLY start when I got home, so I could attack the lawn and get it back down to something approaching normal length was an added bonus.

Sometimes all you need is a nice sunny day, something cool to drink and the radio playing in the background to have your perfect summer day.

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