Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Where are the fairies?

You know, once in a while, I really wish the fairies were still around - you know, the ones that do the vacuuming, laundry, lawns, gardens and cleaning. 

At the moment I'm wondering if they are lost, stolen or strayed, because I sure haven't been able to find them!

Failing that, I guess I have to do it all myself (at least until I get another flatmate to share the load)... we have now had two consecutive days of sunshine, which is helping dry out the soggy garden...I may get another courgette or two yet, after having chopped off most of its leaves after they got powdery mildew.  There is a reason it is easier to buy things at the market (farmers or super) sometimes.

So because I couldn't be bothered cooking a full meal because of the heat, last night was leftover night and I made a version of a panzanetta, an Italian bread salad.

At the end of the day, the bakery department of one of our local supermarkets bags up leftover breadrolls at a discount, so you can get some of the nicer breadrolls (like sundried tomato and olive) cheap as chips.  I had three leftover from a bag I got the other day, so they weren't great for eating on their own, but perfect for this salad...although next time I would recommend using no more than two rolls for a bowl full of salad - otherwise it is more bread than anything else.  Stale rolls seem to work in the this much better than fresh.

Some Kind of Panzanetta

Start by cubing the breadrolls - I like mine fairly chunky, so about 2cm x 2cm cubes - and put them in a pan that you have heated up a couple of tablespoons of oil (a mild olive oil gives this a light and delicious taste), drop in the cubed bread and stir it round until it is all lightly coated and starting to brown.  Basically what you are making are giant croutons, but not as crunchy.

Put them in whatever type of salad you prefer (I added ham, lettuce from my garden, tomato and some onion that I softened in a pan with the ham) and add your preferred dressing - my favourite at the moment (which can be used as  a dip for bread if you want to try something different) is a citrus vinagrette made by a local company called Prenzel...

Enjoy the bonus of feeling virtuous from eating salad (if you have that as a resolution) and being economical by using leftovers.

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